Domiciliation of Companies • Virtual Office

Madrid, México D.F., Miami

Domicile your business in Madrid, Mexico and Miami at the same time. Nobody offers more.
Access the 3 largest Spanish-speaking markets in the world from 95$ per mth.

Your company can immediately have an address in Madrid, Mexico and Miami, attended by professional experts, and with a perfect infrastructure. The most intelligent and economic way to have your company always taken care of, giving a professional image without having to hire a full time office.

Domiciliación Básica

60€ /mes (Prueba un mes gratis)
  • Domicilio fiscal y legal
  • Recogida de correo y servicio de mensajería
  • Gestión de viajes y reuniones
  • Recepción de llamadas y mensajes

Oficina Virtual Plus

95€ /mes Durante los 6 primeros meses

*140€ /mes a partir del sexto mes

  • Domicilio fiscal y legal en Madrid, México D.F. y Miami.
  • Servicio integral de correspondencia
  • Recepción de llamadas y mensajes
  • Contestación de llamadas con el nombre de su empresa
  • Reenvío de llamadas a su fijo o móvil
  • Envió de mensajes a su email o por sms
  • Asignación gratuita de línea 902
  • Fax to mail
  • Servicio de mensajería y paquetería
  • 2 Cuentas de correo POP3/Webmail
  • Gestión de viajes y reuniones
  • Una Jornada gratuita de despacho o sala 8 horas al mes
  • Acceso a salas de reuniones y despachos a tarifa reducida
  • Atención personalizada de sus visitas

The image of your company is very important, choose well.

oficina virtual madrid

Would you leave your company in the hands of anyone? When it comes to home ownership, keep in mind that price is not everything.

At HECOP Business Centers we have been serving and servicing hundreds of companies as if they were ours for more than 25 years. In addition, you can now also have our services in any of our business centers in Madrid, Mexico or Miami.

In Hecop Business centers we offer experience, qualified personnel, professionalism, excellent facilities, work and above all dedication.

Hiring this modality will be attended all your telephone calls, we will receive your orders and messages, we will manage your correspondence, we will attend your visits and we will keep you informed of what happens in your company instantly.

You can also have at any time an office or meeting room at a very low price in any of our business centers.

Tarifa reducida

(Contratando el servicio Oficina Virtual Plus dipones también de despachos y salas de reuniones si lo necesitas por más de un día)

  • Despacho 1 jornada
  • Despacho ½ jornada
  • Sala Reuniones 1 jornada
  • Sala Reuniones ½ jornada

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